FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

We have collected a set of frequently asked Questions and sorted them into a set of categories. Should you think something important is missing, feel free to contact us and we’ll add it here.

About Us

We are a couple of independent developers who started our own game company after working in the gaming industry for years. We don't have any sponsors or investors, and everything we do is done with money out of our own pockets.

We try our very best to present you with fun games and give you as many fun objectives and choices in our games. You can have a bit more detailed look here: Evil Grog Games- About Us.

No, we are not. While it is correct that we are former Gameforge employees, the only ties we have to Gameforge is that we have licensed some of our game titles from them. Aside from this friendly business relationship that enabled us to resurrect a couple of very cool games for you to enjoy, there are no further monetary or business involvements.

Of course we are still friends with some of our old co- workers!

Payment Related

In some rare instances, the connection between our games and the App Stores (Apple Store or Google Play) fail to transfer the information of a successful purchase to our servers. Follow these steps to make sure the transfer really failed, and then contact our support if the problem persists with the information we list below.

I) Transfer of your premium currency might take some time depending on the App Store and your payment method. We cannot speed up this process. Please check with your payment provider / App Store that the payment has actually completed. It may be pending for a multitude of reasons beyond our control.

II) Restart the App, and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

III) If the premium is still not credited to your account, send us an EMail to support@evilgrog.com. Please include the following information:

a) Your Account and App Information. This includes the game you are playing, as well as the server and user ID of the account. These can be found in the Settings Menu of the game. It's easiest to just create a screenshot of this information.

b) The time and date of your purchase. This helps us to easier identify your purchase.

c) The transaction ID of the purchase you have made, as well as the type of product and price you have purchased. This is usually found on the receipt of the Store that you made the purchase for. This is usually in the form of a long string of numbers and letters. For Google, the format is GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX. Please note: This is usually not the transaction number on your bank or credit card statement. Please visit your App Store Dashboard for this information.

We are unable to credit your account with the premium without this information. Also please collect all information and provide us with it in a single EMail, and not multiple EMails.

Cheating and other Rule breaks

Here are a couple of steps you can take in case you believe someone is cheating in the game or someone is insulting you:

I) Please check the game rules if the behavior is actually an offense. This may differ from game to game and while some actions in the game may feel like cheating, not all of them are. Please also make sure that you are not basing your assumptions on hearsay, but actual evidence and observed behavior of the player in question.

II) Once you made sure that there is actually a break of the rules, use our In- Game features to report the player or offending content/text. In the case of insults, please also make use of our Ignore functions. Your best course of action is to ignore the player. Insulting someone back or using slurs in return is not an acceptable course of action.

III) You can use an EMail to support@evilgrog.com to also report suspicious behavior. Please provide us with elaborate screenshots and a clear statement of the infraction you think is an offense.

We take all reports very seriously and follow up on any offenses that are reported. Our company policy dictates that we DO NOT discuss any actions taken against accounts publicly and with third parties. As such, we will not inform you of any results or actions against players. This is to protect the privacy of all of our players. Additionally, some actions taken against accounts may only be temporary or not directly visible to other players. (This may include muting players in chats, removing cheated items, or temporary and permanent bans).

Please make sure that your claims are based on factual and observable incidents. Falsely reporting a player in order to remove him from the game is a ban-able offense that will result in a permanent ban.

We also want to make clear that we do not ban accounts based simply on hearsay. There has to be direct and valid evidence in the game database in order to warrant any action.

Banned or blocked Accounts

We do not ban accounts based on hearsay. If you are reported, a person will investigate the account and check if an offense or rule- break has occurred.

The easiest way to avoid any ban is to play by the game rules and being a decent person.

a) Insults will get you banned. If someone is trying to trick you into insulting them, your best option is to report this and ignore the player. "But he insulted me first" is not a valid defense, as such a behavior leaves us no alternative to punishing both accounts.

b) We check all reports of players very carefully before issuing a ban. In cases where we take action against an account, we have established a clear pattern in our game logs that show us cheating has occurred, and checked with multiple tools that indeed a break of the rules has occurred.

c) Contrary to what some players may believe, when investigating accounts, there is no information about the location of the player, or whether the player has purchased premium currency. As such, this information is not relevant to any actions taken against game accounts in the case of a rule break.

Permanent bans are one of the hardest punishments we employ to punish cheaters or after multiple infractions have accumulated on an account.

In most cases, a permanent ban is the result of:

a) Creating multiple fake accounts in order to gain currency (farming), clan members or for insulting other players.

b) Multiple temporary bans for insulting or similar infractions.

c) Abusing game mechanics or game bugs.

d) Attempts of fraud.

We do not discuss any bans publicly. You can contact support@evilgrog.com in order to gain more information if you are the account owner. Please provide us with proof of account ownership. We will not answer any questions about bans without such proof provided to us. We will also not comment on the forums or social media about the topic.

Permanent bans are just this: permanent.

In general, playing as a family within our game rules will not lead to a ban for multi- accounting.

In almost all cases, we can clearly differentiate between a family playing our games together and players trying to create fake accounts in order to gain an advantage over other players. In most cases where we have had a situation that a family was actually banned, it turned out that one of the players actually did break the rules by creating multiple accounts for oneself. As such, we don't have any option but to ban the respective accounts.

You can always contact us at support@evilgrog.com and inform us about certain aspects that you may think contains a risk of account bans. We can then analyse the situation and provide you with ways to resolve this. We will ask you to provide us with information to back up your claim, which may include screenshots or other types of proof that you are actually playing as individuals.


Account Transfers

Some of our games include a Cloud Save feature. This allows you to back up and transfer you account to a different phone also linked with your Google Play or iTunes account.

You can find the options for this feature in the settings menu of the game in question.

Additionally, you should store a copy of your user, account and server ID for your game account. These can also be found in the settings menu of the game.

We currently do not support trading of accounts between players.

For the cloud save feature to work, your phone needs to be signed in with an iTunes or Google Play account.

Should your cloud save feature not work, you can use this form to request a manual account tranfer: Account Transfer Form