Account Transfer Form

In order to transfer your account, we need the information in this form. We can not transfer accounts to another phone if the information in this form is incomplete. Please also try to use the Cloud save feature in the game before requesting a transfer. Transferring accounts between different people is not permitted.

    Original Account

    This is the information from your original account. You can find all relevant information in the Settings Menu of your game.

    Dummy account on target phone

    In order to transfer your original account, we need a dummy account on your new phone. Please create a new account on your phone and play it up to at least level 14.

    Payment Information

    This information is only required if you have made a premium purchase on your original account. To increase security, we require a copy of a receipt of one purchase you have made on the account. This receipt must contain a transaction ID from your respective store. Please do not provide any payment information like credit card numbers or paypal accounts. We can only use the transaction ID from the store (Google Play or iTunes) to match your account.

    Please provide a JPEG or PNG file not larger than 500KB in size.