Star Games – Mobile Strategy Games

Our Star Games series of mobile strategy games cover a whole range of different settings that you can enjoy. Unique missions, art styles and features will give you a distinctive game play while sticking to some true and tested core features.

All of these games are available on Android and iOS. Users of both operating systems will join and clash in epic worlds together.

Our newest feature, “Factions”, is currently finding its way into the games, with War Game and Knight Game already having it activated. You can always visit our Forums to get the newest information on updates and bug fixes. You can also interact with the community there. We always appreciate constructive feedback!

Below is a list of all of our Star Games, chose your game and forge your destiny together with thousands of other players!

Join an epic fight in a modern military world. Who knows, maybe the moon is next?

Knights, swords, kings and intrigue all come together in this medieval game.

The mob is arrived in the city of sin. Are you strong enough to become their Don?

Unravel the mystery of a hidden society amidst humanity.

UGH! Unleash your inner caveman and beat your enemies to a pulp!

The Kaiser is awaiting you! Time to steam cook your enemies!