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Fight for world domination as a General in War Game!

In War Game you play as a General of your nation’s army in a fictional yet close future which is afflicted with the conflict of war. Show your capabilities as commander and tactician; experience assignments that take you around the world. Measure your strength against other players, or join them and form a powerful alliance. Build a powerful army.

Stomp and defeat your enemies by throwing your forces into combat. Discover a winning strategy, and keep your assets safe in this online game.

The realistic and modern setting positions you as the leader of an army consisting of brave soldiers, unstoppable tanks and the raining death of the flight squadron. Use this military might and destroy the opposition!

The new faction system allows you to join one of three competing factions for monthly rewards. Not only can you level up as a General, but also within your faction, providing you with even more power to overcome your enemies.

This is the first released game in our “Star Games” series, and is receiving continuous updates and new features.

War Game at a glance:

  • Over 160 assignments set across the globe
  • Numerous and varying unit types for planning the ideal tactic
  • Challenging battles against other players
  • Alliance battles between multiple players
  • Quick and easy game entry
  • Great game depth
  • Join a faction and battle other factions for even more loot

Don’t wait any longer: LEAD YOUR NATION TO VICTORY!

War Game Google Play LinkWar Game Apple Store Link