Knight Game – Path of Kings and Knighthood

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Lead armies on the field, select the best allies and conquer the divided Kingdom in Knight Game!

You are an aspiring and noble General in a realistic military world. Pave your path to knighthood and the kings crown with sword and intrigue!

In Knight Game, you rise from the rank of lowly vassal up to royalty. Gather the best equipment and experience and form your own Order of knights. Carefully select your friends and your foes and soon you will dominate highscores and rule over the lands of a blooming kingdom.

The King is dead, long live the King. There are ambitious noblemen everywhere, their chance finally here as they wrestle for the throne. The land bleeds and fragile alliances are formed as fast as they fall apart. Will you manage to rise out of this chaos as almighty victor?

This medieval game is the second in our series of Star Games!

Knight Game at a glance:

  • Over 160 quests in nine different provinces
  • A broad selection of over 60 weapons, shields and armour pieces
  • Challenging battles against other players
  • Order battles with multiple players
  • Weekly highscores with premium rewards
  • Accompanying tutorial for simple game entry
  • Join one of three mighty factions and lay waste to your enemies

Grab your sword and fight for the throne!

Knight Game Google Play LinkKnight Game Apple Store Link