Idle Car Empire

Design and build cars. Be smart and become the richest tycoon in the world!

Idle Car Empire is a business simulator where you manage an international car company and become a wealthy tycoon. You design automobiles, research parts and build up your factories all over the world. You take care of the upper management, define prices and sell cars for a fortune. Make smart decisions and then just idle and wait for the money to pour in when you are away.

There’s a great variety of car types from hatchbacks over SUVs to elegant sportscars and lots of rims, decals and colors to chose from. Keep track of your achievements with a wide array of statistics and graphs showing your company’s progress.

Requires NO internet connection!

You can also take part in multi-race championships and actually drive your cars yourself to win big money prizes!

World Peace General 2017

Global Strategy Game – Conquer the world, vanquish your enemies, destroy the zombie horde!

Your mission in this FREE global strategy game: Select any one of 43 available countries and CoD – conquer or destroy – the world. But be warned, your enemies will not give up without a fight. Looking for a bigger challenge? Face off against the living dead devouring the planet and compete with other players in the top score rankings. Still not enough? Activate HARD mode and fight longer and more challenging battles! Only the best will survive. Do you want to know more?

• Gather and upgrade your armies.
• Build infrastructure to support your war efforts.
• Build a deck of strategy cards to speed up your victory.
• Nuke your enemies if needed.
• Conquer the world.

The world has come together in peace and harmony. The time for politics is over, war has come… World War 3. But beware, the living dead and an old, dark evil are also at work.

Cold Space

3D Space Shoot’em Up for Smartphones and Tablets

Destroy the alien-armada in the infinite space before it reaches the earth!
Compete with other players in this science fiction shoot’em up and become the best pilot in the universe!

Cold Space awaits you:
• Numerous different enemies
• Constantly changing challenges in your league
• State of the art 3D graphics and sound effects
• Fierce boss battles
• Fantastic weapons, power-ups and drones
• Classic arcade action with impressive 3D visuals

Get ready to fire!

Crystal Runner

Get the hardest action runner for your smartphone now!

Help Jane secure the precious artefacts from the forgotten caves, just don’t get squashed by the giant boulder behind you!


Dodge the deadly crystals and stalactites and negotiate gaping chasms at manic speeds. Pure adrenaline!

Crystal Runner is waiting for you with:
• 15 challenging and varied levels
• Fast and catchy gameplay
• Orchestral soundtrack and great graphics
• Great fun for those little breaks